About Us

Quality Systems Applications (QSA) was founded in 1992 providing quality engineering services for the United States Navy and commercial businesses. In 1994 QSA became incorporated. Our capabilities and competencies now include software development and reliability engineering.

Quality Engineering


Our Quality Engineering department develops and maintains quality programs for commercial and military customers. Quality programs ensure that a contractor is providing a product that meets proper standards and specifications.


Software Development


The software development team at QSA provides innovative software solutions to our U.S. Government and commercial customers. Our focus is on producing well-designed, secure, and highly maintainable applications using the latest technologies. We believe that small, highly skilled, highly dedicated teams produce the best results, and our very high rate of repeat business from our customers supports this philosophy.


Reliability Engineering


The reliability engineering team at QSA, Inc. provides accurate and efficient analysis of product failure data and repair costs. Analysis and charting of data is used to show trends in order to inform our customers of possible design imperfections and/or manufacturing problems.